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- Albert Einstein

Dr. Albert Einstein is the world's most famous physicist and a 1921 Nobel Prize winner. He studied the universe and became the Father of Relativity (E=mc2) and a pioneer of quantum physics. This program is derived from his above quote.

"There is and always has been, a wonderful plan in the universe for the human race. And a wonderful plan for each individual human being. And it's fairly simple and fairly easy and makes perfect sense ... once you understand it".

- Andrew Lawrence
disciple of Albert Einstein

Truth #1
The universe (life) is designed a lot differently than people believe or understand and it works in a particular way. Most of us, unfortunately, have it backwards. The Truth is quite simple, it's right, and it's not all that hard to achieve.

The Truth. Truth #1 is that the goal of life is happiness.

That's what we're all seeking. That's why we are all here. That's how we're made. The goal of life is happiness. That's the truth. Truth #1. Think about it. That is what you (and everyone else) is really striving for in life. To be happy. All of us, every single one of us on the planet, wants most of all, long term personal fulfillment. Must be a reason for that.

True long term happiness doesn't come from money or a gym or a face-lift. True happiness - fulfilment - comes from within ... and when you hook yourself up correctly with the outside world ... guess what you get? True long term happiness and true personal fulfillment. The life you really want.

Truth #2 is that anyone, everyone, every single person, can be happy. Even you. You just have to know how.

Truth #3
Each of us has a Life Purpose. A unique and special "job" we are destined to perform in our lifetime. If we find that purpose, and implement it well, we are genuinely happy and personally fulfilled.

Truth #4
Why people aren't happy. People are not happy because they do not know who they are or where they belong or what to do with their lives - according to the "Big Picture". According to their Life Purpose.

I believe that nearly all the societal problems we humans have derive from the inability to achieve the harmonious state known as happiness.

Individually, each of us has a particular life path designed for us to follow. That is our Life Purpose. If we operate on or near our Life Purpose, we are happy and fulfilled. Off our path we are not happy and fullfilled. The further we get from our destined life path, the more unhappy we become. The more unhappy we become the more problems we attract or create for ourselves and the more problems we cause for others. Out of harmony, out of balance with this natural spiritual law of the universe, one suffers from dis-ease.

In my opinion the single biggest serious problem/ailment in the world today would have to be unhappiness.

I believe that unhappiness is one of the root causes of minor and major physical, emotional and spiritual illness.

I believe that finding your life purpose, and implementing it, is the single best solution to many of life's difficulties.

Truth #5
The universe is contructed so that you are supposed to be exactly who you are and are then supposed to do the special thing you are destined to do ... and do it in the real world. The difficult part for everyone is that instinctively they know this but they cannot clearly put their finger on the special something they are supposed to do. That's also how we humans are made. Therein lies the real problem. As a result, over hundreds, even thousands of years, as we humans have evolved into an advanced, complex and machine dependent society we have "forgotten" the natural way the universe works. To the point where we now completely misunderstand the natural spiritual law of the universe. We have turned it upside down, inside out and backwards.

No wonder so many people are confused and frustrated and unhappy!

Truth #6
The Truth is that the universe - the spiritual world - wants you to first find the real you, and your special purpose, and then put that into play in the real world. That is how and where you finally and completely and perfectly fit. That is what you have been trying to find or figure out and you have always felt that "something" has always been missing from your life but you could never quite put your finger on it. The missing link. Your life purpose.

With this program you will finally find that missing link. And then you will finally be able to feel a sense of completeness, then will the universe feed and nourish your soul. This what the program can do for you.

Why are we here?
We are each of us here to perform a special and unique purpose, according to who you are.

Who am I?
You are a unique combination of passions, talent and abilities. That's the good stuff. Each of us has some special thing we love to do above all else, have a true talent for it, and (surprise!) do it quite well. Yes, even you! Everyone! That's "who" we really are and that's what you will be able to define and understand and confirm, using this program.

What's my life purpose?
What you like to do most is what you do best. And what you are supposed to continue to do. This is a true law of the universe. And you are supposed to do this thing for others. In service to others. That's how you fulfill your purpose, your destiny, your mission. In other words, what you most want for yourself (that's why you love it!) is what you most likely do very well ... and that's exactly what you are supposed to do! For other people. To be of service. In the real world. That's how it all works.

Truth #7
You are already equipped to do this thing. Once you find and understand your life purpose you then just have figure out how you best want to implement it in your life.

Your life purpose involves the true "you" doing what you are truly "supposed" to do. And when you know your life purpose you will know in your heart and soul this is true. Because you will know in your heart and in your soul that you are then aligned with the universe and its true and wonderful plan for you. And you can be happy and fulfilled.

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