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Your life purpose is very applicable to dating, mating, friendships, business and other partnerships. It can be successfully applied to most if not all areas of your life.


the life purpose is a great personal tool for relationships ...

You meet someone new and consider starting a relationship. It'll take you at least 6 months - 1 year to determine compatibility and the person's true character. If each party has a life purpose, and reveals it to the other person upfront, in the beginning, they could determine a basic compatibility and character pattern in less than 10 minutes!

Marriage. Every aspect of a marriage can benefit when both parties apply their respective life purpose to planning, parenting, goal setting, lifestyle, emotional support and communication. Sharing life purpose statements allows both partners to better understand and nurture the "true" needs and desires of each other.

Applying the life purpose to your own life and personality helps you to become self-actualized, to become the "real you". It answers the metaphysical questions of "who", "what" and "why". In a very practical sense, knowing your life purpose empowers you to determine clearly - in advance - what is "right" for you, what is "wrong" for you, where you "fit", where you don't fit, and what will bring you genuine happiness and personal fulfillment.


The life purpose is a great career tool ...

It can help you clarify and achieve your career goals. It can tell you if you're in the right field, the right job, provide direction on how you can change or adjust your career to be more rewarding.

If you are seeking employment, changing careers, re-entering the work force, or entering the work force for the first time, your life purpose can help you get the kind of job you want.  Put your life purpose at the top of your resume (instead of the old overused job/career objective) and your resume can better catch the attention of the employer, your resume can stand out! 


A statement of your life purpose is a great internet tool ...

If you have a personal or commercial website you can put your life purpose on it; it lets visitors know a little more about you and what you're all about ... and that can make them more comfortable with, and interested in, your site.

Or put up your own Life Purpose web page on one of the free hosting sites like Yahoo (or your own isp), join their web page community, and share your Life Purpose page with others.

Start or join a discussion group or chat room and share your life purpose with others all over the world. It can be very stimulating and socially and spiritually rewarding.

Add character to your emails.  You can include your life purpose in your emails as a signature.

Knowing your life purpose can be a great and valuable tool for all aspects of your life. You will find there are an unlimited number of wonderful practical applications for your life purpose.