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The shortcut program is the same as doing it yourself - without all the work.

Here's how it works .....

  • Online, you will be provided with 3 databases
  • From these online databases you simply choose the 3 components of your life purpose (Motivations, Guiding Principle, and Target)
  • Simply put the components together and, just like that, your own life purpose will be revealed to you!
  • This shortcut can take the confusion, frustration and much of the soul searching out of finding your life purpose. With the shortcut, finding your life purpose is simple, it's easy and it's fast. And easy-to-follow instructions are provided right on the shortcut site.

    You will also be provided with an official certificate which certifies your life purpose. It is suitable for framing and it is recommended that you hang it on your wall as a constant reminder of your life purpose. You may print out the certificate in advance if you wish; print the certificate

    To take the shortcut here's all you need to do .....

    For those taking the shortcut a donation is customary, and demonstrates a sincere desire and motivation to find one's purpose in life.



Los Angeles, CA USA

the normal donation is $40
Take the shortcut TODAY for only $20

(offer subject to change without notice)

Kindly remit the donation via the paypal link at bottom of this page. Paypal is the only payment method accepted. Click on the DONATE link below and you will be automatically taken to the secure credit card payment page maintained for us at paypal (we never see your credit card information and we never sell your email address). As soon as you make your donation you will automatically be re-directed to the shortcut site.

NOTE: to prevent unauthorized copying or printing the shortcut program is in Adobe Acrobat (a free download if you don't have it already). For additional security the url will also be changed periodically so it's best to complete the shortcut as soon as possible.

In fact, it's best to proceed right now, while all this life purpose "stuff" is still fresh in your mind ... and while you can still take advantage of the donation discount.

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Click on Send Money. Send donation amount to: andls@aol.com
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"Knowing your life purpose is priceless"