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How satisfied are you with your job?

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Job Satisfaction Poll
how satisfied are you with your job?
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Here are 3 basic job satisfaction categories. See where you fit ....


  • you have a good job/career that provides you a decent or good or excellent income
  • your work is enjoyable and that makes it easier to manage the frustrations and expectations that go along with the job
  • you are reasonably secure and plan on making it to retirement in your field
  • you are considered successful


  • you have an O.K. job or career
  • you make enough money to live on
  • you do not expect your work to be overly meaningful
  • you put up with the nonsense and b.s. that goes on in your workplace
  • you just do your job
  • job security is most important to you
  • you are settled in for the long haul, at least until retirement


  • You are unhappy in your job or career
  • you may have serious thoughts about a career change
  • you yearn for a job/career that is interesting, satisfying, meaningful and rewarding ... to you
  • you may not have found that new job/career yet, may not know even where to start or may not yet have the confidence to change your life
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