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What's Your
Life Purpose?

This free information is designed to help you find your Life Purpose - how and where you fit best in the universe and what to do with your life. Your destiny.

Finding your life purpose can help you

  • gain enlightenment
  • feel better, do better, be better
  • focus your life
  • improve an existing career
  • find a new and better career
  • determine compatibility - dating, marriage, business partnerships, friendships
  • have fewer problems and
    make fewer mistakes
  • reduce fear, stress, anxiety, worry
  • have more confidence
  • make a real difference
  • gain genuine long-term happiness
    and personal/professional fulfillment

The information below explains how to find your unique and special life purpose. This free information is derived and condensed from the copyrighted life purpose program of the Life Purpose Society and is presented here with their permission.

Everyone, from 18 to 80, is welcome to use the information.

How To Find Your Life Purpose ...

Your life purpose should describe you perfectly. It should be exciting and inspiring. If it's not or you have trouble finding your life purpose on your own or you just don't want to do it yourself because it looks like a lot of work or a big headache to you - then by all means use the link at the bottom of the page and do it the easy way.

note: sometimes a person's actual life or work history turns out to be completely at odds with their life purpose. It doesn't match. This clearly points out that the "right" person has been living the "wrong" life or working in the "wrong" field. Living a life that doesn't match. If by chance your life purpose and your actual history don't really match, then, using your life purpose as the starting point, you might want to start planning a new, more fitting and rewarding life ... career ... or both. A life match.

By the way, it is not an easy or simple task to uncover or clarify your life purpose all on your own. It's a bit like trying to see your own face ... without a mirror. Here we explain HOW to find your life purpose. But if you want to make sure you do it right, want to actually find your unique and special true purpose in life, it is highly recommended that one uses a well-constructed convenient life purpose program such as available at the Life Purpose Society.

Here is the free information as promised ...

First, read though ALL the material below before you actually try the steps.

note: if you start to get a headache or have trouble following the info ... skip to the bottom of the page and click on the red arrow.

Find Your Life Purpose

1) First, think of the 10-12 activities you like to do most (food and sex do not count, unless you truly desire to be in the food or sex industry). Next you determine what actions are required to do your favorite activities. Think in terms of "action verbs"; action verbs are words like: create, nurture, restore, catagorize, communicate, etc. Then, narrow it down to the top 3 choices.

2) Next you think of the ideals that you, personally, believe in most strongly. What you stand for. Come up with as many as you can think of (10-12 if possible). Then you choose the single most important principle to you.

3) Your life purpose also involves being of service. Being of service to others. Being of service to others in the real world. Think about others in society who you care about strongly and would like to see helped, i.e. "who" do you most identify with, "who" would you most like to see helped? Think of as many as come to mind (10-12 if possible). Then you choose the single most important one to you, the one that you feel the strongest about. Please note: that does not mean you have to get a low-paying job in public service; there are no limits as to how you can implement your life purpose. There are many people who, by fulfilling their life purpose, also happened to become rich and famous!

After you complete these 3 exercises properly all 3 key components of your life purpose will have been revealed to you.

Just put the components together and you'll have uncovered your true purpose in life.

Congratulations! If you have properly and successfully implemented the above steps your life purpose will have been revealed to you ... and you will have taken a giant step toward enlightenment ... and gained extremely valuable and practical knowledge you can use - today - to mold your life into what you want it to be.

According to the laws of the universe you have but one unique main life purpose. One's life purpose is knowable by the time you reach adulthood (if the individual wishes to find out what their unique and wonderful purpose in life is) and remains your true purpose for the rest of your life.

Best regards,


P.S. the Life Purpose Program is a popular proven program with specially designed customized databases you can use to make finding your life purpose a whole lot faster and easier ...

do it the easy way

Life Purpose Program

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