What's the hot new thing everyone is doing online? Here are some choices, see if you can pick the one that's hot .....

a) surf the internet (and count the popups)

b) catch a virus then infect everyone you know

c) chat online all night with friends or predators

d) read the spam you get for viagra and porn

e) uncover your destiny

if you answered "e" (uncover your destiny) you are among the cool. The Life Purpose Society's online program, where you can uncover your own destiny in as little as 30 minutes, reports hot visitors from cool countries around the world including the U.S., UK, Sweden, Australia, China, India, Japan, Thailand and even Namibia. According to founder Andrew Lawrence, "Everyone in the world has a destiny. A life purpose. A unique and special something you are supposed to do with your life. We just help you find out what it is."

N E W S F L A S H .....

Uncovering your destiny is the hot new thing to do online.


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