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How To Find
Life Purpose

If you want to do it the easy way, there is an excellent shortcut that does the work for you and takes only about 15 minutes. If you decide to use the shortcut there is a link below.

You are about to discover your own unique and special life purpose. After you find your life purpose you'll be able to use it as the primary guideline in your personal and professional life.

Your life purpose should describe you perfectly. It should be exciting and inspiring. If it's not or you had trouble finding your life purpose on your own or you just don't want to do it yourself because it looks like a lot of work or a big headache to you - then by all means use the shortcut and do it the easy way.

note: sometimes a person's actual life or work history turns out to be completely at odds with their life purpose. It doesn't match. This clearly points out (to that person and everyone else) that the "right" person has been living the "wrong" life or working in the "wrong" field. Living a life that doesn't match. If by chance your life purpose and your actual history don't really match, then, using your life purpose as the starting point, you might want to start planning a new, more fitting and rewarding life ... career ... or both. A life match.

OK, now you're ready to find your life purpose! First, read though ALL the material below before you actually do the steps.

There are 3 parts to your life purpose ...

Step #1 Motivations
First you think of the activities you like to do most (food and sex do not count, unless you are truly destined to be a chef or be in the sex industry). Next, you determine what actions are required to do your favorite activities. Think in terms of "action verbs"; action verbs are words like: create, nurture, restore, catagorize, communicate, etc. Then, narrow it down to the top 3 choices.

Step #2 Principles
Next, you think of the things that you, personally, believe in most strongly. What you stand for. Come up with as many as you can think of (10-12 if possible). Then you choose the single most important principle; your guiding principle.

Step #3 Targets
Next, you think about the people or group (members of society) you would most like to see benefit from your efforts (from Step 1 and Step 2) i.e. what group or type of organization would you most like to help? Think of as many as come to mind (10-12 if possible). Then you choose the single most important one to you, the one that you feel the strongest about. This is your target.

After you complete these 3 exercises then you'll have all 3 components of your life purpose. Just put them all together and you have it. Here's what it will look like ... (you fill in the blanks)

   my life purpose is to _________ __________ __________ 
                               (3 motivations)

                               (guiding principle)
                    with, to, for _______________ 

Congratulations! If you have successfully completed the above steps you will have found your life purpose ... and you will have taken a giant step toward enlightenment, genuine longterm happiness, and the personal/professional fulfillment you've always wanted.

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